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about women owned businesses

The good news is that women owned businesses are helping the economy more than the national average for all small businesses. That information and much more positive data about women-owned businesses is found in a 2013 study by American Express OPEN. Despite the challenging economic struggles of 2007-2008, the growth rate for women-owned businesses has now topped the national averages in number of businesses –up 59%  employment -up 10% and revenues -up 63%.

One way women have found success is their affiliation with peer groups where peers serve as guides and provide support.  Your family and friends just don’t get it.

Women business owners think differently.  Typically they lean toward using their position power to build company cultures founded on relationships.  There is good news and not so good news in that. Peers help you “hire slow and fire fast”  one of the key challenges for women business owners.

We know that women bring their whole self to their business unable to isolate the impact both facets have on their productivity and ultimate success.

Benefits of women-owned business peer groups from the Small Business Association:

  • Handle Personal Issues: Your peers are in the same situation and have a high degree of empathy.
  • Sounding Board: A peer group acts as an informal board of directors and an opportunity for real-world experience sharing.
  • Overcome Isolation: It can be a very lonely being the owner of a small, growing business. Your friends and family do not understand the issues you face. You cannot confide in your employees. However, every business owner in your peer group has the same sense of isolation and can offer support.
  • Focus on Growth: Your peer group can help you take time out from the day-to-day operations to working “ON” your business in a more strategic way that will lead to growth.*


about PEERpower

The Business Women’s Circle® provides a confidential and collaborative setting for business owners to act as trusted peers coming together monthly to SHARE, COACH, QUESTION, ADVISE, AND INSPIRE. Because the meetings are facilitated by a professional, using a proven process, women work on their business with the support of others.

Our Mission: To provide a forum where women business owners share their collective wisdom to support each other as they work to achieve their business and personal goals.

Our Guarantee: You won’t ever be alone.

Our Core Values: Committed, Educational, Supportive, Growth Focused, Evolving

PEERpower–Because we are smarter together.


*Source: The Leading Edge: Women-Owned Million DollarFirms, a study conducted by the Center for Women’s Business Research.

Love being part of the BWC and my circle. It is an amazing group of high caliber women who have helped my business beyond words. ~Sasha Westin - Fabuliss - Image consulting, makeovers & presentations