The Business Women's Group

The Business Women’s Circle

What if you had a group of peer advisors who could help you think through your tough business decisions?

What if you no longer felt alone because you knew you had women peers who understand what it’s like to run a business?

What if you set aside three hours every month to focus on growing your business with the support of others who are committed to do the same thing?

What if your business was on a trajectory of growth because others were holding you accountable to work your plan?

The Business Women’s Circle™ taps into the collective wisdom of women business owners. Acting as peers, they turn the “What ifs” into “What can be”. It is all about driving business success.

We call it PEERpower, and because of it we are smarter together.

Working as trusted peers committed to each others success, static businesses can become thriving enterprises.

This is a time not just to survive, but to thrive. It’s a time to Stabilize, Strategize, and Innovate while always looking to the future.” ~ Lynda Applegate, Harvard Business Entrepreneurial Program
CONGRATULATIONS to our own Myrna Marofsky! Minnesota Business Magazine named Myrna a member of the The (Real) Power 50 - recognizing her as someone that makes things happen. Something we already knew! : )
Love being part of the BWC and my circle. It is an amazing group of high caliber women who have helped my business beyond words. ~Sasha Westin - Fabuliss - Image consulting, makeovers & presentations