The Business Women’s Circle® 
for Owners

The Business Women’s Circle® for Owners is made up of Business Owners who have established businesses and are the primary decision makers for those business. Because Circles are made up of women from diverse companies, backgrounds, industries, and experiences, they provide insights from their unique perspectives that create “ah-ha” moments for those receiving them.


The Business Women’s Circle® for Owners is open to women business owners and individuals responsible for making primary decisions for the full operation of a qualifying business, such as (but not exclusive to) a CEO, President or COO. Qualifying businesses must be active and running, ideally for over two years. 

The success of The Business Women’s Circle® depends on its Circle members. The number one criteria is that members are committed to the group. They must be fully engaged in the Circle and willing to dedicate time each month to attend meetings. All meetings are confidential.


  • Comprised of an intimate group of 10-12 members representing diverse businesses.
  • Facilitated by a professional trained for The BWC Circle® process.
  • Meets monthly for 10  months (we do not meet in July and December).
  • Three hours focused on business growth.
  • Uses tools from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) from Traction by Gino Wickman.

Annual Fee

There is an annual fee that may be paid all at once or in quarterly or monthly installments.

How do I apply?

Members are invited to join after an interview process that looks for qualities that will support the goals of The BWC®.

 Please click on "Join The BWC®" to complete the application form. We will then contact you to set up an interview.