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Ahh, money, that thing we all crave, need, want - but one of the things we don’t talk about. Why is it that we have such a hard time talking about money?

First of all, many of us have been taught that it is rude to talk about money. Second, there is really no great way to learn more about money and managing it. Then to top it all off - it’s extremely embarrassing if you don’t have great money skills - so you either pretend you know what you are doing or just keep quiet about it.

As Kristin Wong says in her New York Times article, We’re All Afraid to Talk About Money. Here’s How to Break the Taboo, “It’s hard to learn about something when you’re discouraged from talking about it.” In fact, the New York Times published a guide on how to talk about money.

This post came to mind because I just read Create & Cultivate’s article Money Matters: Daina Trout, CEO of Health-Ade Kombucha. In the article, Trout talks about paying herself, profitability and how she would start her business with more financial advice and support if she could do it over. She also says women need to talk about money, “Women should talk about money all the time and every day. Money to a business is like air to humans. It’s not the reason you exist, but you literally can’t live without it. There is no shame in wanting money. Money gives you freedom to live the life you want.”

It is important to talk about money and to learn about how to be much more financially savvy about your business. This is one of the reasons we created the Financial Savvy for the Experienced Woman Entrepreneur. We wanted to create a workshop that not only educated women on the financial side of their business - but also a workshop that made it comfortable to talk about money and ask the questions we dread asking when it comes to financials.

Here is what one of our team had to say after going through the workshop:

“I had reservations if this was a going to be a good use of my time, given the commitment and investment. I am so glad went for it! I found myself motivated and inspired to dig deeper and take my business to the next level now that I have a clear understanding of metrics specific to my industry and overall profitability. This is helpful in planning for growth and what strategies to put into play today to reap rewards for years to come. This was not a 2 +2 = 4 kind of workshop. It really encouraged me to think with intention and have conversations with the financial people that are helping my business. I’ve since hired a bookkeeper, hired a new accountant and have tools to bring these conversations about our growth and financial goals to our team.”

— Katie Kath, Jkath Design Build + Reinvent

We can do so much more for ourselves and our business when we can start to talk about money. So even if you aren’t able to take our course - or any course for that matter - do one thing. Start talking about money. That is it. Talk to your partner, your confidant, your Circle - whomever it is you can start the conversation with. Just start.

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