The "3 Times Rule"

In a recent time management and productivity jaunt on the internet, I came across a website called Asian Efficiency whose mission is "to make the world a better and more efficient place." They offer courses, share ideas and tips, and review apps that are all focused on helping you be more efficient (even as a parent).

I was looking at one of their reviews for an app that helps automate and eliminate some repetitive tasks from your laptop. I'll be trying the app, but the jewel of the article was an item that they shared about a concept they live by.

At Asian Efficiency, we live by something called the “3 Times Rule.” If something bothers you 3 times, find and implement a permanent solution for it.
This can apply to things that don’t bother you too. If you find yourself doing repetitive tasks manually that could be automated or outsourced, why not find a solution to take it off your plate? 

We've had many conversations in our Circles about what tasks we could re-engineer, delegate, or eliminate. This rule ends up making it very simple to look at those things we need to consider getting off our plate.

So - I'm off to implement the 3 Times Rule today and have created a space in my Bullet Journal to track the tasks that seem repetitive and my solution for them. I'll let you know how I am doing. If you have found ways to re-engineer, delegate or eliminate a task - comment below to share!


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