App Suggestion: Hitting the Books?

In our Circles we have not only been talking about all the back to school activities and getting used to new schedules, but also the books we've started reading. We have a lot of readers in our Circles! 

But if you are not a reader or just don't have the time to get through that 2 foot stack of books on your desk (ask my husband about this.), take heart. I've got an app for that!

I recently discovered "Blinkist". The app offers 15 minutes (or less) summaries of bestselling non-fiction books. The summaries are offerred in both written and audio formats. In the couple of weeks I've had it, I have read 7 books. I even read a summary that I read the book of and found it did a great job on summarizing the key messages.

There is a "subscription" price for the app, but the price of the 7 books I would have bought - I already paid for the subscription and then some. However - I did read a summary that I have decided I want the actual book for the stories in it! So still a savings! ; )

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