2016 Annual Forum Recap

Thank you to all who were able to come to The BWC Annual Forum at The Walker Art Center. Our Speakers did an outstanding job! Here is a sliver of some of the key messages I took away from the Forum.

Cecily Sommers, Futurist, encouraged us to "Hold tight to purpose. Play loose with tactics." when it came to innovating. As for navigating uncertainty, she said to:

  1. Practice Optimism
  2. Practice Curiosity
  3. Practice Courage
  4. Practice Patience

The Panel certainly delivered on the topic of The Economy: Thoughts and Tactics for Dealing with it. Susan Anderson of VisionBank was a fabulous moderator for the group!

When asked what keeps her up at night, Sharon Olson said that what her investment clients struggle with is that they are "waiting for the perfect picture - so they are not moving forward. When the picture is too clear - it's already happened."

Susan Keller believes that you should be looking at hiring the talent that is out there and hire for the long term, helping these individuals build their skills and build their loyalty wit you. She also believes that you should "borrow money when you don't need it."

And when asked about a prediction for the next 5 years, Cathy Connett felt that the next 5 years were going to be reasonably good. (Big sighs of relief on that one!).

After handing out our BWC Annual AwardsHannah Ubl took the stage and brought us up to date on the generations in the work place.

She shared that there are actually two Millennial Groups to be aware of - they are both different from each other! She also gave us peek into what is happening with the newest generation - GenEdge (those born in 1996 and after). A fascinating note: when asked what type of communication is or will be difficult for you - here is how the following answered:

  1. "Old" Millennials - email
  2. "Young" Millennials - phone
  3. GenEdge - in person

It was through the engagement of each of you who attended that made this year's Annual BWC Forum such a success. Thank you! 

Thank you to our BWC® Annual Forum Sponsors: 

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