We're Opening Circles in Fargo!

We've always dreamed of opening a Circle outside of Minneapolis, and now we are! Thanks to a partnership with Eide Bailly, we will be opening an Owners' Circle and an Executives' Circle in Fargo, ND! 

Why Eide Bailly? Eide Bailly believes that entrepreneurship is key to the success of every community. And, just like us, they "want businesses to succeed and grow." As I spoke with Jenni Huotari, Director of Possibilities Center at Fargo, I realized that our organizations value many of the same things. The top one being creating an experience that helps others achieve success.

I am so excited to bring together the best of what both of our organizations have to offer to the business women of Fargo and I'm looking forward to meeting them! If you know of anyone who might be interested in attending our informational session on April 14th from 3pm to 5pm - be sure to pass the information along!

If you would like to attend - please contact khutton@eidebailly.com. 

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