New + Unique Circles

We are always looking for members to add to our current Owners and Professionals Circles. Besides starting new Owners and Professionals Circle, here are some of the unique Circles that we are creating. Regardless of whether a Circle has a unique platform focus or serves a particular audience, all of them will deliver the same BWC experience for all members.



Are you just starting your career? Trying to figure out how to navigate things?

Who do you go to get advice, ideas or motivation from? Do you have a group who “has your back”?

What about learning and development?

The Circle for Young Professionals focuses on providing education, support and community to members as they’re building their careers.

This Circle will meet from 4:00pm to 7:00pm on the first Wednesday of the month starting in October. Space is still available.



In today’s world, non-profits are stepping outside the traditional thinking of running such an organization. While social enterprises are focused on creating a profit but with a focus on doing good. Both organizations are truly mission driven.

In this Circle, we bring both business models together to talk about:

  • the challenges they face as leaders

  • share best practices

  • hold each other accountable on the goals they set for the year

This Circle meets the first Tuesday of the month from 9:15am to 12:15am . Space is limited.



Is your business revenue based on ads, sponsored content or affiliated content? Do you dream of discovering the ultimate SEO for your content? Does the possibility of an algorithm change keep you up at night?

We recognize that the digital platform as a business model has unique concerns and has to keep up with the fast pace of technology changes. So, we are going to pilot a Circle for those who run their business on the digital platform.

This Circle will still run on the same principles as all our Circles - just with a different focus when it comes to Issue Solving and Learning Opportunities.

This Circle will start in January, 2020 and has limited space available.


evening virtual Owners CIRCLE

So, do you travel for your work? Are your 9 to 5s spent out of state, in-house with clients and your weekends when you are home?

We have been approached to consider a Circle for those business owners whose office is wherever their client’s is and they are expected to work a “9 to 5” schedule with them. That leaves little time to be part of a regular Circle meeting.

This Circle will run just like our other Owners Circles - with a few adjustments to hold our meetings over a virtual platform like Zoom. Ideally this Circle would start in January, 2020 if there are enough interested parties and would pilot for a year.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in. Please let us know via our contact form and we will get in touch with you.



We are always looking for members to add to our current Owners and Professionals Circles. And we are always open to creating new and unique Circles as needed.

If you want to learn more about what we do, you can join a Preview Session or reach out to schedule some time to meet. No matter what, we look forward to connecting with you.