Telling Your Story: Communicating the Value of Your Business

Telling Your Story: Communicating the Value of Your Business


Instructor: Sarah Kesher of SagePresence

On the surface, storytelling may sound like a “soft” skill. But research has shown us that the human brain is wired to process stories. There’s no better tool for helping people remember a message, take down defenses, and make a strong point than a story. In business, telling the company’s story is not only memorable, but critical in order to quickly communicate your unique value proposition to potential customers. In this course, participants explore the SagePresence Story Structure Model™, then learn to apply this flexible and practical storytelling tool to create clear, concise, and compelling messages in any situation. Participants then apply this learning to create an effective and comfortable value proposition for their business.. 

As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe why storytelling is a powerful communication tool

  • Describe the five main elements of Story Structure

  • Explain how to create a strong value proposition

  • Create a working value proposition using Story Structure