Identify and Empower the Leader Within You

Identify and Empower the Leader Within You

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First you need to know your strengths. Then you have to show up and OWN those strengths to create impact. This workshop gives you both! Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder Coach Keri Bischoff and Imposter Syndrome Expert Heather Whelpley come together to help you get clear on your unique strengths and how to manage the doubt and imposter syndrome that gets in the way of fully using your strengths. If you’ve ever wondered what makes you amazing or doubted your strengths and skills as a leader, this workshop is for you! You’ll walk away feeling empowered by truly embracing your unique talents and strengths; create a customized leadership statement identifying what you need to be your best; and know how to apply practical tools to squash doubt so that you can increase your confidence by being your authentic self in both your personal and professional roles.

Please note:

  • If you have already taken the StrengthsFinder Assessment and have your information, play only for the workshop, which is $149.00

  • If you need to take the StrengthsFinder Assessment, please pay for both the workshop and assessment which is $174.00 and we will send the assessment code to you.