Communicating So People Can Hear You

Communicating So People Can Hear You


Instructors: Hannah Ubl & Lisa Walden of Good Company Consulting

In today's workplace culture, the loudest voice in the room is the one that gets heard. In meetings, the employee that can articulate their thoughts fastest is labeled a rock star. In digital communication, one-person groans at the sight of a text message while another cringes when listening to voicemail. Just like that, your message can be misinterpreted and then you're falling behind, getting passed over for promotions, and worst of all, becoming frustrated with your fellow colleagues, managers, or leaders. Expert communicators, speakers, and storytellers Hannah and Lisa will break down how people at all levels can communicate more effectively so that everyone's voice is heard, and nothing gets lost in translation.  Takeaways include:

  • How to use empathetic communication and active listening techniques that will fundamentally change the way you communicate

  • Awareness of the most prevalent communication mishaps in the workplace, and how to overcome them

  • Concrete strategies that will allow you to deliver messages clearly, and in a way that resonates