2018 Fall Workshops

Offering education and resources is an important part of our DNA.  Our goal is to always bring the right learning topics to our Circles at the right times that support growth in business, leadership and life.

Sometimes, we find educational opportunities that can't fit into one Circle meeting. Sometimes we need to allow learners to go deeper into a topic.

This year we are going to offer more opportunities for learning outside of the Circle. We have carefully curated these workshops led by experts in their fields. These offerings are open to both members and non-members. However, to keep the learning experience rich, space is limited.

For further details and pricing, please click on the "Learn More & Register" button after each workshop description.


October 25th
Women's Leadership & Empowerment Workshop: Becoming the Best YOU!

You don't become a great leader overnight and the great ones are ever-learners and always seeking ways to improve themselves to empower those around them. This course teaches you about what makes a great trailblazer and how to find your authentic leadership style through communication, presence, identifying your strengths and areas of growth, honing your resilience and building your confidence. This training is fully engaging, fun, interactive, educational, and participants will walk out the door with improvement tools they can implement into their lives right away.

Instructor: Stephanie Goetz, Goetz Communications

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November 8th
The BWC Preview Session *Free*

There’s a group of women who have your back…
The Business Women’s Circle brings like minded women together to talk business, leadership and life. Learn, grow and develop your skills with our facilitated tools, support and inspiration from other women. Each circle is curated to complement and challenge each member for growth.

Want to learn more? 
Because of the confidentiality of what we cover in our meetings, we can't invite you to attend a Circle and "try one out." So, we have created a special FREE session to give you the opportunity to experience some of the power of working with other women like yourself on the kinds of things you tackle in business, leadership and life.

Who Should Attend:
Women Business Owners, Executive Business Women, Supporters of Women in Business, and anyone that wants to learn more about The BWC.

What You'll Experience:

  • Learn more about The BWC

  • Understand the benefits of membership and how we help you grow

  • Experience a "Learning Opportunity"

  • Meet current BWC Members and Facilitators

Register today. Bring a friend or two or three! and join us for a little learning, networking and PEERpower!
Please note that registration is limited.