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  1. Talent Economy – Small business can get the skills they need, without hiring

    March 19, 2012

    Myrna Marofsky

    We can’t keep up on the knowledge we need and use – because it is evolving so quickly.

    What you need is access and connections to people who know more than you.

    Small businesses are now able to draw on low-cost skilled workers to extend their capabilities and grow faster. We can now call on freelance talent to generate ideas and content for us. and are both Temp providers that have already placed $1 billion of work.  They are USA based.  65 percent of Temp placement will grow in 2012. Two of the WPO companies I work with who do Temporary placement are flourishing.

    Consider the following:

    • Unpaid internships or paid internships are also a big part of this trend.
    • The “Mobile worker” works virtually.  Been in Caribou or Starbucks lately?  Again, the ability to be “connected” from anywhere, gives businesses access to any talent they need.
    • Many business cards are saying “Self-employed”.
    • This way of work, works with generational differences – those that don’t want to devote their lives and loyalty to an employer.
    • LinkedIn’s highest priority is to collect individual Profiles that are platforms to find the people you want.

    As a business owner you benefit from this trend because you don’t need to hire, you don’t necessarily need a desk or office for this individual and you pay for the work as you need it. Plus – it is getting easier and easier to find the talent you need, when you need it.
CONGRATULATIONS to our own Myrna Marofsky! Minnesota Business Magazine named Myrna a member of the The (Real) Power 50 - recognizing her as someone that makes things happen. Something we already knew! : )
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